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    Why and How to Migrate from WordPress to HubSpot CMS?

    Posted by Merlin Mythili Phd. on Sep 21, 2020 6:26:22 PM

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    Are you looking to refurbish your website’s design, user experience, location or structure to improve your website’s search engine visibility? Or are you considering migrating from WordPress to HubSpot CMS to enable this revamp without harming your website SEO? You are on the right page, go ahead and read through the many benefits of moving from WordPress to HubSpot CMS and some useful tips for a seamless and glitches-free site migration.

    Why to migrate to HubSpot from WordPress?

    Integrated System

    HubSpot CMS is part of a complete integrated system whose effectiveness increases manifold times when used along with its CRM, sales enablement and automation tools.

    Unlike WordPress, which is more or less just a facilitator for content editing, HubSpot CMS encompasses much more than content editing and holistically covers many facets of integrated content marketing such as social media, email automation and integration of CMS with CRM. In effect, HubSpot CMS powered website with its optimised content, CTAs and impactful landing pages allows you to track, nurture and convert your users to your customers right through the buyer’s journey.

    User -Friendly

    HubSpot CMS is an extremely user-friendly content management system that can be easily navigated through even by people with minimum technical skills allowing them to create and manage content effortlessly.

    Extensive security protocols

    The biggest benefit of migrating your website to HubSpot CMS would be that HubSpot CMS relieves you off the hassles of web hosting, server management and security issues; the security vulnerabilities of WordPress plugins would be a thing of the past.

    Developer’s dream haven

    Developing your website on HubSpot CMS could be your developer’s dream haven, with features that allow preview of the new site pages before going live, ability to keep tracking analytics of the old page intact as you replace it with a new page etc.

    Ofcourse, HubSpot comes with a cost, while WordPress is for free. But remember, when you have successfully migrated to HubSpot CMS, you have at your disposal a smooth-running apparatus that can launch your marketing campaigns in the most effective and efficient manner.

    Here are few useful tips to a status error code free migration to a website with cleaner, impactful pages and minimal redirects - the key to improved SEO for your new website.

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    Before you migrate, these steps are essential…

    Pre-migration planning

    Put a well-planned strategy in place to implement a glitch-free migration without running any risk of data, content or functionality loss. Identify all your resources, assess your data completely, put together a dedicated migration team and get their buy-in by establishing flexible but realistic timelines for your migration.

    Audit your current website’s metrics

    Auditing your current website’s metrics before migration is crucial as those metrics would serve as the yardstick to measure the effectiveness of your new website post-migration. For instance, using Google search console, you can create lists of all the indexed pages, all your crawled pages and URLs of your current website. You can use Google analytics to measure your user and leads traffic for your current website. These pre-migration checklists of such website analytical measures would help you compare the performance of your website across the same parameters post migration.

    Audit your current site’s functionality

    Auditing your current functionality would help you track how well you would be able to retain and improve the functionality of the new website on HubSpot CMS. For instance, you would have used free and/or paid plugins extensively and effectively in WordPress to enhance functionality. So, it is essential that you check whether and how you would be able to retain your current functionality of your WordPress website after moving to HubSpot. Take the help of a HubSpot migration consultant from HubSpot or any of its partner agencies like us, BlueOshan to initiate a complete audit of your current site’s functionality. This will help you find out which are the custom developments that can and cannot be carried forward. An experienced HubSpot developer could help you to mitigate the minor differences in the functionality and look of the new website with the many built-in tools and integrations of HubSpot CMS.

    Importing your Blogs first

    HubSpot facilitates import of all your WordPress blogs with a blog import tool that saves a lot of your time and effort. Ensure that you import all your blogs first before you initiate the migration of your entire website to HubSpot CMS. Do consult your HubSpot developer team to ensure your requirements which could be to retain certain WordPress themes or that your current images fit in well with the aesthetics of the newly redesigned website on HubSpot CMS.

    Implementing redirects for changing URLs

    Crawling your existing website and creating a comprehensive list of URLs is a must if you are looking to consolidate and create new pages or change URLs without falling prey to 404 status code errors. Avail HubSpot’s built-in URL mapping tool to facilitate easy redirects as this tool also allows bulk uploads.

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    Finally, your migration options could be any of these three:

    1. You could decide to move your entire website on to HubSpot CMS.

    2. You could decide to move just your blog on to HubSpot while retaining your existing website on WordPress, you simply have to host your blog on a subdomain of your main website.

    3. There is a third option possible where you could still avail certain benefits of HubSpot with your existing website by simply implementing HubSpot tracking codes across all pages, substituting all forms with HubSpot forms and installing HubSpot’s CTA’s.

    Your migration requirements could be simple or complex, you may want to retain the look and feel of your current website or you may want a refreshing change to your new website, our expert migration and website developer team at BlueOshan is here to help you meet your migration requirements and facilitate a smooth migration of your website on to HubSpot CMS. We are just a call away!


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