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    HubSpot Pricing In India

    Posted by Shantha Kumar on Jul 10, 2020 4:08:00 PM

    hubspot pricing

    If you’re looking to onboard HubSpot into your marketing technology stack, and you’re trying to figure out the pricing, you’re at the right place! HubSpot is an inbound marketing and automation platform that offers products in CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service. HubSpot developed the inbound methodology and is ranked no.1 by thousands of customers, and over 15,000 companies in more than 90 countries use it. From social media marketing to email marketing, SEO to analytics and marketing automation, HubSpot is a complete suite for everything digital marketing.

    The HubSpot ecosystem is built on 4 pillars namely: 

    1. HubSpot CRM
    2. Marketing Hub
    3. Sales Hub
    4. Service Hub  

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    HubSpot CRM Pricing 

    HubSpot CRM is not a free trial as said on the website. In fact, it's completely free and lets you add 1million contacts and unlimited users! It’s absolutely free and integrates with all the other HubSpot Hubs. One caveat though, if you do buy the Marketing Hub, you will be charged based on the number of contacts your HubSpot CRM is using since they will be linked. Since HubSpot CRM runs the other hubs namely Marketing, Sales and Service, it’s great that its free and good way to jump into the HubSpot ecosystem. HubSpot CRM connects with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook. 

    Cost: $ 0

    "For a limited time, new customers based in India can obtain the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise products with a 30% discount"

    Marketing Hub Pricing 

    There are 4 pricing options with the HubSpot Marketing Hub. The free version gives you all the basic features to manage contact activity, live chat, and conversational bots. The next pricing tier is $45 a month, which gives you a few more basic features like email marketing and removes the HubSpot branding. The professional tier is $800 per month and gives you most of the functions that you need to run a broad marketing campaign from Salesforce integration to SEO & content strategy and more. Lastly, the enterprise edition, along with other tools, allows you to do reporting revenue, event, company, and contacts.

    Cost: $0 - Free tier

            $45/month    - Standard tier

            $800/month   - Professional tier (annual billing)

            $3200/month - Enterprise tier (annual billing)

    Sales Hub Pricing

    The Sales Hub pricing also has 4 tiers. The free version is meant for an individual salesperson - giving you tools that will help with productivity for free. The starter tier is at $45 per month and is meant for small sales teams to increase productivity and shorten deal cycles. The professional tier is at $450 per month and is meant for large and advanced sales teams with features like AI, advanced automation and custom reporting. The enterprise tier set at $1200 per month but billed annually is meant for large-scale teams that need a robust array of features. 

    Cost: $0 - Free tier

            $45/month    - Standard tier

            $450/month   - Professional tier (annual billing)

            $1200/month - Enterprise tier (annual billing)

    Service Hub Pricing

    Finally, we have the Service Hub also with 4 tiers of pricing. The free version is for basic customer service with features like ticketing, conversational bots, and email and chat. Starter tier is at $45 per month and meant for developing customer service teams, with additional productivity tools with fewer limitations. Professional tier starts at $360 per month and is meant for advanced customer service teams and comes with a full software package. The enterprise tier starts at $1200 per month and is meant for sophisticated customer service teams, and benefits from all the features of the service hub. 

    Cost: $0 - Free tier

            $45/month    - Standard tier – 2 Users

            $360/month   - Professional tier (annual billing) – 5 Users

            $1200/month - Enterprise tier (annual billing) – 10 Users 

    Growth Suite Pricing

    Aside from the above, Growth Suite that was launched recently offers a combination of features from across the pillars above. 

    Cost: $0 - Free tier

            $50/ month    - Standard tier

            $1343/month   - Professional tier (annual billing)

              $4200/month - Enterprise tier (annual billing) 

    We at BlueOshan are certified HubSpot partners, so if you’re looking to onboard HubSpot for your marketing efforts we can guide you and teach you the inbound methodology that HubSpot uses. BlueOshan offers a 90-day support program after implementing HubSpot for your company. For better pricing for your use case, drop us a mail to Our team will be happy to guide you through the pricing options. 


    This blog was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated.

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