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    How WhatsApp Chatbots Can Help Streamline Manufacturing Workflows?

    Posted by Merlin Mythili Phd. on Aug 24, 2020 3:48:22 PM

    BO_Post_Set3.1The success of any business lies in listening and attending to the customer’s needs.  WhatsApp Chatbots have emerged as a successful conversational platform for businesses across industries to engage instantly and effectively with their customers. WhatsApp chatbots not only automate customer support but can be successfully deployed across business processes to methodize production processes, improve business competence, speed up modernization and smoothen operational obstacles. If you are a manufacturer looking to improve efficiency by  automating some of the crucial processes, here is how integrating Chatbots via WhatsApp can help you do that.

    Prospecting B2B customers via WhatsApp Chatbots

    You can effectively engage WhatsApp Chatbots to converse and provide information instantly to your customers on product or service queries through automated FAQs, product specifications, price, alerts on new products, testimonials and how-to instructional videos.  That way WhatsApp Chatbots can handle routine product queries and direct only those critical and complex queries for human intervention.

    WhatsApp Chatbots aiding Production planning

    You can deploy WhatsApp Chatbots to considerably reduce operational costs. They can effectively handle raw material constraints, unexpected orders, balance demand, production capacity and allocation of raw materials etc. Chatbots can help you in managing your production floor by automating routine requests, alerts and notifications, triggering emails and sending and receiving supporting documents such as invoices and dispatch documents.

    WhatsApp Chatbots for supply chain management

    Chatbots can effectively connect the customer through the distribution network to your manufacturing business and can be effectively deployed to a range of your supply chain tasks such as order placement, tracking, availability of stock and pick up at dealer locations. Using WhatsApp Chatbots, you and your key stakeholders in the supply chain can keep a tab on, get and give quick responses with respect to number of sales, information on stock at warehouses/dealers, production information and status of orders.

    Automating Sales Process via WhatsApp Chatbots

    Centralized monitoring and localised responses are possible via WhatsApp Chatbots. Personalised automation of sales process allows close monitoring of the distribution and dealer sales network. Sales Automation via WhatsApp could give you a handle to organize your data on leads for efficient monitoring and conversion. WhatsApp could also help you get immediate feedback on dealers and sales representative performance and buyer feedback on product performance.


    Vendor Collaboration made easy

    You can use WhatsApp Chatbots as a one-stop solution to manage and enhance vendor collaboration and use  them to request, submit and streamline quotations and vendor communication. Chatbots are a great way to streamline and automate entire workflows and quicken processing of approvals, negotiations and orders.

    Automating Warehousing Processes

    You can use WhatsApp Chatbots to process different data from different sources such as a customer order, stock availability at the warehouse and dealer location concurrently to provide logistic solutions. You can deploy WhatsApp Chatbots to automate and efficiently manage your warehouse’s repetitive mundane tasks such as document generation, stock picking methodology, scheduling deliveries, order tracking and warehouse location communications etc.

    Improved Shipping efficiency

    Interruptions in communication could cause inordinate delays and great loss between you and the logistic fleet providers. Integrating WhatsApp automation as your primary mode of communication in fleet management could provide you an easy solution to send new orders, track deliveries, en-route updates, updated fleet information. WhatsApp Chatbots could be a useful tool that fleet drivers can effectively use to update delivery and delay status and critical updates. Shipping is heavily dependent on drivers and WhatsApp Chatbots could play a crucial role in managing and accessing driver information such as who is on leave, currently working and on standby, to facilitate manpower management and schedule deliveries without delay.

    Customer service made easy

    WhatsApp is a user-friendly conversational platform that can be used to instantly report damaged products and message damage reports with supporting videos and photos that allows you to service and resolve the customer issue immediately. The chatbots allow your customers to receive help, product updates, reminders, schedule appointments and track status of service requests.


    Increased productivity and improved business decisions

    Integration of the WhatsApp Chatbots with your ERP and CRM applications facilitate increased employee productivity and better business decisions. So..

    WhatsApp Chatbots are a great way to coordinate multiple tasks with multiple people across the manufacturing process and streamline the entire workflow.

    Want to know more about how this conversational messaging platform could help streamline your manufacturing workflows, our consultants will be happy to help you out.


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    Merlin Mythili Phd.

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