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    How To Audit And Cleanup Your Workflows In HubSpot

    Posted by Shantha Kumar on Mar 21, 2019 1:25:02 PM


    Accumulation of marketing assets like workflows in your HubSpot tool is bound to happen. A predecessor may have created some workflows for lead nurturing, sales notifications, operational processes and data cleanup, and then completely forgot to remove the old outdated ones. Maybe there’s a team of marketers who have been busy creating workflows or testing workflows and have just been too lazy to remove them. Whatever the case may be, finding your workflows app cluttered with old processes and workflows can become a source of clutter and may get in the way of your daily efficiency.

    You may have created that mystery workflow and having named it poorly you are now not sure what its function is and why it’s still there. No worries, as cleaning up workflows is an easy task, and something every marketer should do from time to time. Think of it as maintenance to improve your overall efficiency to remove clutter, and help you focus on the essential resources that will help you work better. Here are a few ways for you to clean up your workflows:

    Steps to Clean up Your Workflows

    Try taking the following steps to do a workflow audit and cleanup of your HubSpot workflows.

    Step #1: Export a List of Your Workflows

    One of the best ways of cleaning up your workflows is first understanding what is still relevant and what needs to be removed. To do this we first export the workflow to an Excel sheet. This is done by navigating to your Workflows dashboard and scrolling to the bottom right where you’ll find the Export button.Click the export button and when the dialogue box pops up, enter your email and then hit the blue "Export and send email" button.

    Pro tip: You can download the Excel file from your Notification Center within HubSpot. To navigate to the Notification Center, click on the notifications icon on the far right of your top horizontal navigation next to the Academy graduation cap icon.

    You don't have to wait for the export to appear in your email inbox. Instead, you can download the Excel file from your Notification Center right within your HubSpot. You can get to your Notification Center by clicking the notifications icon on the far right of your top horizontal navigation, next to the Academy graduation cap icon.


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    Step #2: Identify the In-use, Good Workflows vs. Unused, Unnecessary Workflows

    In the exported Excel file, add an additional column and title it "Cleanup Action".

    Inactive Workflows

    Then filter the list to show only those workflows marked as "Inactive" in the Status Column.

    Here’s where you prioritize workflows and identify which ones can be deleted. The ones you should consider deleting are the ones that have zeros for the Total enrolled, Total completed etc. This indicates that the workflow was never used. If you feel these inactive workflows can be deleted, mark them with “DELETE” in the “Cleanup Action” column.

    Active Workflows

    Now we use the filter to show only those workflows marked as “Active” in the Status Column. Here you can mark active workflows as “KEEP” if they are relevant and still need to be used.

    Total Enrolled column:

    This column will let you know of the number of people that have gone through this workflow at some point in time. Any workflow that has a value greater than zero should be marked as “KEEP”.

    Total Active column: The column tells you how many people are currently in the middle of this workflow. Mark as "KEEP" for all those workflows that have a value greater than zero in this column.

    Total Completed column: This column tells you how many people have gone through your workflow and successfully completed all of the steps. Mark as "KEEP" all those workflows that have a value greater than zero in this column.

    Filter the Excel spreadsheet again to hide both the inactive workflows and the active workflows that you have already marked as "KEEP" in the "Cleanup Action" column. Browse through this remaining group and mark those that you feel have never been used, never had anyone enrolled and aren't necessary as "DELETE" in the "Cleanup Action" column.

    In case you find yourself not sure about deleting workflows, you can “MOVE TO INACTIVE” in the “Cleanup Action” column. You can always check in on it later.

    Step #3: Delete & Archive in HubSpot

    Back in HubSpot on your Workflows dashboard, find each of the workflows you identified in Step #2 as "DELETE" for the cleanup action. On the far right, click the gear icon and select Delete to permanently delete this workflow. Double check that you are deleting the right workflows, as this step cannot be redone.

    Repeat this process for any workflows you identified in Step #2 as "MOVE TO INACTIVE" for the cleanup action, but this time, when you click the gear icon on the far right, you'll need to select Edit and then turn the slider at the top of the workflow details screen to "Inactive"/"OFF".

    Step #4: Organize Your remaining, Active Workflows

    At this point, your workflows dashboard should look a lot less cluttered. For the remaining workflows, consider a new nomenclature to ensure better efficiency. A good naming convention that indicates Persona, Topic and Goal of the Workflow will help you and your teammates identify workflows easily and also help future audits. Including a description is also a good process.
    Active Workflows

    BlueOshan is a HubSpot Gold partner, and we take pride in setting up HubSpot and troubleshooting Workflows. If you’re looking to onboard HubSpot, do contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to get you started.

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