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    Cultivating Customers With Content – Playing The Long Game

    Posted by Venu Gopal Nair on Feb 8, 2021 5:18:42 PM


    Your website is limitless

    Imagine a farm in the real world. Even buying an acre or two in a remote location is expensive. Then, you have to plant seeds, provide enough water, remove weeds meticulously and if you’ve done everything right, with a bit of luck, you’ll have a bountiful crop to harvest profits.

    A couple of decades ago, creating a complex website was almost as expensive. In the 90s, articles detailed the price of creating websites at astronomical prices. ( But we all know how that played out. A website is no longer an expensive proposition. Even a couple of decades ago, it would have been impossible to do the things you can manage and grow audiences on your website today. What has to change is your mindset.

    You don’t have to limit the number of pages on the website. Or the information provided. However, the idea is not to keep adding content mindlessly. On a farm, imagine throwing a few seeds into the ground and expecting them to grow because it rains and the land is fertile. That’s not going to happen.

    Digital growth is different from real world growth


    The natural order of things takes time to change. Customer habits adapt slowly. But when they do, the change is of a magnitude that’s hard to grasp.

    Let’s hear it in the word of the man who’s built the biggest internet company on earth – Jeff Bezos of Amazon: In the spring of 94 web usage was growing at 2300% a year. You have to keep in mind human beings aren’t good at understanding exponential growth; it’s just not something we see in our everyday life. But things don’t grow this fast outside of Petri dishes. It just doesn’t happen. When I saw this, I said, okay, what’s a business plan that might make sense in the context of that growth.

    I made a list of 20 different products that you might be able to sell online. I was looking for the first best product, and I chose books for lots of different reasons, but one primary reason. And that is that there are more items in the book space than there are items in any other category by far. There are over 3 million different books worldwide in all languages. The number two product category in that regard is music, and there are about 300,000 active music CDs.

    And when you have this huge catalog of products, you can build something online that you just can’t build any other way. The largest physical bookstores, the largest superstores, and these are huge stores, often converted from bowling alleys and movie theaters, can only carry about 175,000 titles. There are only a few that large. In our online catalog, we’re able to list over two and a half million different titles and give people access to those titles.

    How fast is your market growing


    Actually, that’s the wrong question to ask. The right one is how large your online market could become. You could say that most of your market is offline today, so creating a website is not going to give you great dividends.

    That may be true today. But without your seeing it, the market is changing. Take one that was not on the horizon 3 years ago on India – UPI. It was launched in 2016. It enabled over 1 billion transactions in 2019. And by the end of 2020, it had crossed 12 billion transactions (

    The pandemic may have accelerated adoption but the fact is that UPI is one story the whole world is tracking – and there are several countries looking to implement UPI in their own markets

    When payment systems change, businesses change


    There are more than a billion websites in the world and we are already at a stage where we may not visit more than a few hundred in the course of our lifetime.

    But the point is this – we have become comfortable with interacting online and with searching for information. That is why it is important to be found for products in your category of business.
    The way businesses provide value is through content – consistently driving traffic and trust. We’ll expand on the trust aspect some other time but the more people visit your site, the faster your brand will be established.

    You have to keep giving reasons to people to come back to your site. They have millions of choices today, so the quality of content has to be extremely good – better than anything they find elsewhere
    In the years to come, content generation will become one of the most expensive aspects of marketing. That’s because there’s already a lot of information, good and bad, and great content takes skill and money to create.

    CMS Hub helps you create, manage and distribute content on a global scale to reach your customers. And if you aren’t into digital farming in a big way, now’s the time to jump right in!


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