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    TRP is a valid currency on Facebook

    Posted by Ajitha on Jan 4, 2017 4:13:16 PM

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    It won't surprise you if I said that 75-80% of mobile data in the next 4-5 years will be consumed by videos. If you are a SMART FB advertiser, you should start building your content(video) development capabilities right now; while content-value is super critical, technical precision for comfortable viewing on small devices is equally important - pay attention to how quickly and clearly your video-creative can play out on the 'moving small screen'? About content itself, consumption of short form creatives is CLEARLY on the rise - Recall, resonance, reach, and engagement improves with well adapted short form creatives. AND, 80% of FB users prefer to watch videos on mute - can you beat that? FB research with top brands have ascertained these with enough experiments and supporting data. Be it website or web-application or digital advert, think mobility right at the 'design[content]' stage. TRPs are no longer just TV currency - it can now be monetized on Facebook. Facebook's guidelines for short form video advert creatives is quite simple: Capture attention quickly, Design for no sound, Frame your visual story and Play more.

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