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    Does Content Marketing Refer to ADS Or PR Content Around The Business Or Product At Various Forums

    Posted by Ajitha on Apr 5, 2016 5:16:55 PM

    digital content marketing, content marketing, content marketing services india, content marketing companies, content marketing software, content marketing automation, automation tools, digital marketing, inbound marketing You may use any form of communication – long text articles with or without AV, infographics, animated videos, live videos, video blogs.

    – a thought leader/guru in your business sector may write a critical review of a bunch of products and compare it to your product – there is a subtle promotion here, isn’t it.

    – a leading blog site in your sector may publish new letters regularly to its subscribers. You may want to insert a sponsored article in this news letter for a fee because of its reach.

    This can only get as creative as we want to think…

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